Blue Raspberry

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$24.99 (16-Pack)
Veteran & First Responder Owned Proudly Made in the USA

Experience the ultimate in delicious hydration with Dash Hydration's Blue Raspberry electrolyte powder. The vibrant taste of blue raspberry delivers a burst of flavor that keeps you coming back for more, while the powerful electrolyte formula replenishes the minerals your body craves. Stay energized, focused, and ready for anything with this perfect blend of taste and performance.

Fuel your athletic endeavors with the refreshing taste of Blue Raspberry Electrolytes! This delicious electrolyte formula helps regulate fluid balance, ensuring your body stays properly hydrated for optimal muscle function and endurance. Electrolytes also support nerve signaling, allowing for fast, efficient muscle contractions, crucial in sports requiring quick reactions and power. Whether you're powering through a marathon, crushing a CrossFit session, or dominating on the court, Dash Hydration’s Blue Raspberry Electrolytes offer the hydration support you need to push your limits and achieve your goals.

Optimal Hydration with over 1,100mg of Electrolytes
Sugar Free & Low Calories, Avoid The Energy Crashes
Lightning Quick Recovery, Reduced Cramps & Fatigue
Fast Absorption for Effective Electrolytes Replenishment
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