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Why is Hydration Important for Military Personnel?


of U.S. Military officer students met the criteria for hypohydration

up to 15%

Reduced cognitive function from dehydration in military personnel


of Marines conducting foot patrols were dehydrated compared to 49% on vehicular patrols

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Signs of dehydration for Military Personnel

Military Personnel Hydration FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

How much water should Marines drink a day?

Depending on the heat and activity level, you may need to drink from 1/2 to 1 1/4 quarts of water per hour—3 gallons/12 liters per day in hot, dry climates. Drinking water is a must in order to prevent heat injury. If desired, individuals may add flavoring to the water to enhance consumption.

How does the military stay hydrated?

Soldiers must drink even when they are not thirsty. Leaders should establish a program of regularly scheduled hydration. Soldiers should drink at least two to six canteens of water each day.

Why is water important in the military?

Military Service Members often have physical demands beyond the norm and must be physically and mentally ready to meet operational needs at any given time.

When dehydration comes into play, the success of the mission can be at stake.

With additional water loss, soldiers can develop:

  • flushed skin
  • increased body temperature
  • weariness
  • sleepiness
  • impatience
  • anorexia

At 4% loss of body weight, soldiers display signs of apathy, and might complain of muscle fatigue and nausea. Vital organs such as the kidneys, brain and heart cannot function without a minimum amount of water and salt. Acute dehydration can be a serious outcome of both heat and cold exposure, but it is also seen as a dangerous side effect of diarrhea, vomiting and fever.

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