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Why is Hydration Important in Youth Sports?

up to 75%

of youth athletes arrive at practice already dehydrated


decrease in body weight from fluid loss can significantly reduce athletic performance


of young athletes at sports camps show signs of serious dehydration, increasing their risk for heat-related illness

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DASH Hydrate's electrolyte hydration mixes help you push your limits. Replenish what you sweat out, fight fatigue, and stay energized for every workout. When you push your limits, detoxify, activate, support, and hydrate: DASH.

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We love This!
My husband & I are loving this post workouts. Light flavors that are not too strong and love all 3 flavors but strawberry is my fav!
Refreshing Flavors and No Sugar
I love DASH Hydrate! All the flavors are fantastic, but my personal favorite is Strawberry. What sets DASH Hydrate apart is its lack of sugar, great taste, and excellent mixing/dissolving properties.
Amazing Product
This is by far the best hydration product I have used. The blue raspberry is good and the Italian Lemon Ice is awesome. I can’t keep my family’s hands off of it!

Signs of dehydration in Young Athletes

Youth Sports Hydration FAQ: Your Top Questions Answered

Why is hydration so important for youth athletes?

Athletic performance: Water cushions the joints, and being dehydrated can affect your flexibility and speed.

Endurance: Hydration is essential for proper muscle function (including the heart muscles), and it helps you avoid cramps.

What is the recommended hydration for youth?

Children 8 and older should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. If you have a 6-year old, he or she should be getting six 8-ounce glasses per day.

How much water should an athletic 14 year old drink?

13-18 year olds should drink 3 liters of water per day (14 large cups of water). Add 10-15 ounces every 20 minutes if exercising.

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